If Java is platform independent, why doesn't it run on all platforms?

Java runs mostly on all platforms. For running a Java program we need JVM on all the platforms. If JVM is not installed on any platform than we are not able to run Java programs. Java API has standard library and API that can run on any platform. But the API of different languages like C and C++ is different for different platforms. The API for Windows is totally different than the API for Linux, and the API for Mac OS X is totally different again. When you write a C or C++ program that uses the Windows API, then your source code will be largely useless on a Linux system or on a Mac - because the Windows API doesn't exist there. So we can run Java programs on any platform but before this we have to install JVM for interpreting the byte code. The byte code of Java or war or jar files can be taken to any platform and can be run directly on the platform having JVM.


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