SQLite Databases

SQLite is a well regarded relational database management system (RDBMS). It is:
➤ Open-source
➤ Standards-compliant
➤ Lightweight
➤ Single-tier


ContentValues are used to insert new rows into tables. Each Content Values object represents a single
table row as a map of column names to values.

The Cursor class includes a number of navigation functions including, but not limited to, the following:
Moves the cursor to the first row in the query result
➤ moveToFirst ➤ moveToNext ➤ moveToPrevious ➤ getCount ➤ getColumnIndexOrThrow
➤ getColumnName ➤ getColumnNames Returns a string array of all the column names in the current Cursor
➤ moveToPosition Moves the Cursor to the specified row
➤ getPosition 
Moves the cursor to the next row
Moves the cursor to the previous row
Returns the number of rows in the result set
Returns the index for the column with the specified name (throw-
ing an exception if no column exists with that name)
Returns the name of the specified column index
Returns the current Cursor position


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